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Evangel College implements the One-student-one-activity Policy requiring every student to have at least one life-wide learning activity - either inside or outside school. To recognize students' participation, the school has set up a portfolio system to record students’ participation as well as achievement in non-academic areas.

Evangel College reserves a lesson in the time-table for primary students to have life-wide learning activities. Besides, the school recruits quite a no. of tutors and coaches to conduct interest classes for both primary and secondary students after school and during Saturday mornings.


EC Cadet Team, Moral & Civic Education Programs (Talks, Sharing, Forums, Outings, Publishing, Performances, Exhibitions, Audio-visual Materials Production, Competitions)

Interest Classes, Pull-out Classes, Outings, Exhibitions, Projects, e-Learning and Competitions related to Languages, Science, Maths, ICT and Humanity Studies Learning

Interest Classes, School Teams, Sports Days, Games Days and Competitions related to Sports


Lunch-hour Co-curricular Fun Activities, Class Climate Building Activities, Outings, Picnics, Guidance Programs, Charity and Service Programs

Interest Classes, Competitions, Exhibitions and Performances related to Visual Arts, Music, Language and Performance Arts

Student Fellowship, Worship Group, Disciple Training Group (Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Quiet Time Meetings), and Campus Evangelism Activities (Gospel Meetings and Camps)

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