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Evangel College provides genuine through-train education with respect to class structure as well as education ideology.

In the school year 2006/2007, the school operated 5 classes in both P.1 and S.1; from the school year 2007/2008 onwards, the school operates an additional primary and secondary grade every year due to student promotion until the school reaches its full size. Since the school adopts the parallel class structure, all students from our primary section will be guaranteed placement in the secondary section.

The school adopts and implements the same education ideology throughout the primary and secondary education, ensuring consistent and persistent practices in school ethos, and teaching and learning for students for 12 years.

Direct Subsidy

This refers to the source of funding and the government’s financial arrangement for subsidizing such schools. The government funding formula is on a per capita basis times the number of enrolled students. Under this arrangement, the school is free to charge the tuition fees it sees as appropriate.

The advantages of Direct Subsidy:

  • Construction, land and architectural costs are underwritten by the government. The school sponsoring body is only responsible for “start-up” costs.
  • The school has the authority to determine its own admission arrangement or policies, and is independent of the central allocations system. Students are not bound by the school district catchment areas.
  • A Direct Subsidy school enjoys full autonomy to design its own curriculum and decide on its teaching language, resources allocation and admission criteria.

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