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Evangel College endeavours to support students with diverse learning needs, ensuring no child is left behind and students’ potentials are extended fully. The measures taken are as follows:

Identify students with special education needs early in the school year and provide or align support for them through the school's Multi-sensory Learning Centre.

Identify high, average and low achievers in each class and plan to engage them equally in every lesson.

Organize mixed-abilities groups to support low achievers through collaborative learning.
Design and use differentiated class work and homework to challenge all students.
Conduct stratified progression in classroom teaching.
Provide remedial support for students through remedial classes, peer tutoring support, reading tutoring support, Self-regulated Learning and Assessment Program (SRLA), and Parent-assisted Learning and Assessment Program (PALA).
Operate the Parent Centre to educate parents to support students to grow and learn.
Conduct the Learning Marathon Program that builds the capacity of secondary students to learn.

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