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  There is a three-dimensional space utilization concept, some of the classrooms are equipped with movable soundproofed folding doors, allowing students to work in groups, and making learning more interactive.
  There is ample space in the classrooms to stage artistic or academic student displays.
  A ladder-shaped terrace extends the usable space of classrooms, allowing for the planting of trees and flowers to create a green environment for student activities.
  With a north-south exposure, the school building enjoys an abundant natural airflow.
  There is greenery on the podium, and an emphasis on natural lighting.
  Each of the primary and secondary schools has its own playing field, with two basketball courts a volleyball court and a mini-football pitch. There is ample space for student sports activities.
  A 6,000 sq. ft. secondary school auditorium with spectacular floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass windows.
  The school occupies a parcel of land measuring 14,380 sq. meters, twice the size of the average school grounds.
  The art room enjoys exclusive use of the rooftop, and has its own kiln.
  A two-storied, 4,000 sq. ft. library with a spectacular skylight.
  The playground comes with a grandstand.
  Art display areas are dotted throughout various parts of the campus.
  The elevator makes the school building accessible to the disabled or others with special needs.
  The school building is very novel.  
Each of the primary and secondary schools has 30 classrooms with many function rooms.
      Secondary Section Primary Section
a. classrooms  


b. special rooms, including a computer-assisted learning room and a language room   16 6
c. small group teaching rooms   3 4
d. guidance activity room   1 1
e. interview room   1 1
f. staff rooms   3 2
g. staff common room   1 1
h. student activity centre   1 1
i. assembly hall   1 1
j. green corner   1 1
k. ancillary accommodation, including a lift and relevant facilities for the handicapped   Available Available

  Shared facilities
l. Library  
m. Two conference rooms  
n. A general office  
o. Medical inspection room  
p. Teacher resources centre  
q. Two basketball courts cum one volleyball court  
r. One mini football pitch  
s. Two running tracks  
t. Bus and car parking facilities  
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