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Evangel College monitors students learning closely through diversified assessment methods and puts assessment for learning into daily practices:
Formative Assessment (in form of self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment in daily teaching)
Summative Assessment (in form of paper-and-pencil uniform tests in quizzes and exams)
Benchmarking Assessment (conducted or supported by external accreditation bodies)
Self-regulated Learning and Assessment (attempted by students on voluntary basis)
Parent-assisted Assessment (aligning parents to help monitor their underachieving children on the mastery of core tasks)Parent-assisted assessment.

To help students consolidate learning, students' works are often captured, used and displayed to illustrate the essential learning points and requirements in the public examinations. Students are also required to reflect upon the process of learning through establishing their own Student Learning Portfolio. Apart from sending school reports to parents on achievement of students in various summative assessments - quizzes and exams - after each term, the school sets up The Key-Stage On-line Formative Assessment Report System through which teachers, students and parents about to students' mastery of various essential learning targets in a key-stage.

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