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Every EC teacher needs to pursue the following:

S/he develops/understands the essential learning targets of the lessons and the key stage s/he teaches.

S/he develops/adopts psychologically appropriate and target-oriented teaching and learning materials.

S/he practices “Four Highs” – high expectation, motivation, engagement and display - in classroom teaching and learning.

S/he conducts genuine summative assessment by setting papers of proper breath and depth that assess essential learning targets.

S/he conducts genuine formative assessment in the form of performance assessment by observing students to make presentation, to do class work, homework, and/ or practical work, etc.

S/he copes with diverse learning needs of students inside and outside classroom.


S/he sees students as the creation of God, so s/he respects and believes in the potential of students to grow and learn.

S/he sees herself/himself as a fallen person and needs the mercy of God, so s/he accepts and is merciful to students despite of their performance.

S/he sees the importance of relating to students, so s/he takes initiative to love and connect with students.

S/he commits her/his heart, mind, soul and body to serve the learning needs of students.

S/he manages her/his class wisely: s/he is firm but gentle, principled but flexible, and having high expectation but bring sensitive to the needs of students.

S/he is emotionally stable and polite to her/his colleagues.

S/he respects her/his colleagues in speech and action.

S/he respects her/his colleagues by being punctual to meetings and meeting deadlines.

S/he is willing to support other teachers when needed.

S/he speaks to the right person, at the right time, in the right way and with the right attitude when holding views different from others.

S/he seeks to understand and shares the vision and mission of the school.

S/he reflects upon and renews her/his perception in the pursuit of professionalism.

S/he seeks to improve the mastery of her/his own role.

S/he takes part and contributes to collegial learning.

S/he is willing to learn through classroom observation – observe and be observed.

S/he strives to improve her/his English/PTH proficiency so as to conduct their lessons in English/PTH as required and help to enrich the language environment of the school.

S/he adopts system thinking to see the dynamics of phenomena, problems, solutions and development.
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