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Evangel College communicates closely with parents, creating ample opportunities for teachers and parents to meet. The school requires class teachers to make positive calls to parents twice a year and organizes at least an activity every month for all parents or target groups of parents. Parents respect our school and participate well in parents’ days, parents’ nights, parents’ meetings, school picnics, assemblies for parents, and parent-child performance nights, etc.

Evangel College considers parents as partners. The school has set up a dedicated parent-helper team which supports the school well in many areas – extra-curricular activities, reading stories to children, and as lunch helpers, etc. The school has also set up the Parent Centre for educating parents to support their children to grow and learn.

Evangel College has scheduled to set up the Parents-Teachers Association in the school year 2007/08, fostering closer home-school communication and partnership.

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